• The first step is determining the weight of your pet. Since the dosage is calculated using metric volumes you will need to know your pet's weight in kilograms. If you do not have metric scales you can use the weight in pounds and convert it using this formula: pounds divided by 2.2 equals weight in kilograms.
  • F2 comes in a flexible container, shake the container vigourously before every Applications to obtain an even concentration of the active ingredients. Make sure you are wearing disposable gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Prepare the extraction syringe by inserting the nylon tube onto the syringe. Once the syringe and nylon extension is in place open the cap of the medication container, insert the nylon tube into the liquid and draw out the desired amount by monitoring the level indicated on the syringe. The concentration on cats and dogs is the same, 0.1ml / kg of weight.
  • Do not be overly concerned if your measurement is not quite accurate, a dosage fluctuation window has been included in the formulation so overdosing your animal would be dicult.
  • Apply the F2 concentration directly to the skin between the shoulder blades for dogs and on the back of the neck for cats. Part the fur or hair until the undamaged skin is visible, place the tip of the extraction syringe on the skin and push the plunger to painlessly deliver the medication. For dogs weighing over 25 kg the dosage can be spread to four locations on the spine.
  • Clean the Applications equipment well in soapy water and rinse thoroughly, air dry. Storage of the medication should be in a cool area out of the reach of children, consider placing the open medication container in a glass jar for secure storage.
  • The Applications sites should not be attainable by your pet, and the medication will dry within three or four hours. During this time avoid contact with the medicated area until it is dry. If you have other animals that might lick this area you should isolate the medicated pet until the area is dry.

Above Chart allows you to give the accurate dosage to your animal. Don't be overly concerned by giving the precise dosage to 0.1ml, an error window has been incorporated in the composition of F2.