What is F2 ?

F2 is a Flea killer and preventer. It uses 2 known product to control the flea population. F2 liquid covers the upper epidermis and the hair follicles of the skin with the active ingredients. Upon contact with the compound the neurons in the fleas are excited to the point of death. It takes 4 to 5 min of contact for the fleas mouth to lock and not be able to bite.

Why is F2 packaged as such ?

It is packaged to save cost, which can be passed on to the consumer but also so that the pets owner can apply the correct amount per weight to the Animal. There is no weight window there is a dose for every cat and dog, 0.1ml/kg of weight. We want to make it cost effective so you have enough for the season and not part of the season. Start before you see the fleas and you will never see them.

How come the product can be shared between cats and dogs. Why can the product be shared betwen cats and dogs ?

The formula is the same for both animals and they work in the same manner. What is important is the weight of the animal. They share product distribution as being 0.1ml/kg

What is the age and weight restriction ?

Yes young dogs and cats should not given any flea medication before the age of 8 weeks and or 1kg in weight.

What are the active ingredients in F2, and do they get into the blood stream of the animal ?

The 2 active ingredients form a protective layer on the epidermis and hair follicles of the animal. Imidacloprid and pyriproxifen, are both considered contact medicines which act when flea or hachling make contact with either. The pyriproxifen works primarely on the eggs, larvae and pupae of the live flea's offspring. It causes degenerative diseases in the eggs not allowing them to produce a healthy flea. Pyriproxifen also reduces the lifespand of a healthy flea to 8 days. Imidacloprid only works on killing live fleas, and is done by contact.

F2 product seem to be very similar to Advantage II ?

They use the same active ingredients but their excipients differ slightly, which is used to coat the the animal.

Can F2 be used in conjunction with heartworm and endoparasitic products ?

Yes it can and is highly recommended because if your animal has tapeworm, it will take much more F2 to eliminate the live fleas.

My Dog weighs 125lbs will there be enough for the season ?

Yes purchase the right quantity for the dog and you will receive enough for 6 plus months.

What do I do with the expired remains of the product ?

You receive accompanying postage to send remains to your local recycling office for proper disposal of remain and packaging. Do not discard into environment.

Can F2 be used on Collie dogs with MDR1 gene ?

Yes it can there are no active ingredients that can cause harm to Collies with MDr1 gene

Suddenly I noticed a few fleas on my dog will F2 eliminate them ?

Yes it will but time is of the essence. What you see is only about 10% of the Problem. You can use F2 with Capstar which will kill all live fleas within 24 hrs. F2 will continue from there, keeping the dog protected.

My St Bernard continuously has flea issues every year he weighs 140 lbs can you help ?

Yes but all spot on product use clean hair for and the excipient to move the active ingredients. Washing your dog is always important. You might want to consider options along with our product which will create a good fortress on the animal. Discussion with your vet .