Flea Free, was developed to help in combating fleas and their offspring by using two of the best compounds to combat the flea cycle - Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen.

Imidacloprid is used to control adult flea and Pyriproxyfen as an Insect Growth Regulator or IRG. Combining the 2 ingredients stops the flea cycle. F2 begins working within the hour of Applications and will stay uniform at 98% efficiency for 28 days with the same killing power. Both ingredients are regarded as contact killers. They cover the animal's surface and break the flea reproduction cycle by covering their lipid layer and hair follicles, to kill all fleas coming in contact. Animals with dermatitis have the best prevention for their condition, as the fleas die without being bitten.

Imidacloprid will over stimulates the fleas central nervous system and within 5 min of contact the fleas jaw will be locked, precipitating in the eventual death of the flea by total nervous collapse. All possible layed eggs will be infiltrated by pyriproxyfen to eliminate the possibility of a healthy offspring. The offspring die, because genetic deformities when subjected to the imidacloprid, during the gestation period.

One flea, can bite up to 400 times a day, and their toxic saliva creates severe irritation to many pets that may suffer from dermatitis. They also may carry pathogens, like Bartonella or tapeworm both that can be transmitted to humans. Once the pest has landed in your house, it take much diligence to rid them. Our product was composed to infinitesimally minimize the probability, by giving you the right dosage to last the whole season. Having control is the hardest part of the battle.

The unique packaging allows all cats and dogs to get the necessary dose based on weight of 0.1ml/kg and not like other products which use a weight range to determine dosage.